Day 216


So you HAVE to know that photographs from weddings are so so rare on this blog. Well, I had the pleasure of going to Costa Rica last week for a week-long celebration of Bob and Allison getting married and photographed the whole time. I'm posting this one photo as an example of how freaking beautiful the entire time was. This is just a simple shot of them in the surf in the area we were staying/they were getting married. Unreal. There are tons of great shots solely from the 4x5. I could never see another frame of their wedding week and be happy. It is all the beautiful. Fortunately, I also shot sometime like 30 rolls throughout the week to supplement.

This is a wedding I would proudly shoot over and over again. Period.

I doubt I'll post any more of their photos, but perhaps I'll provide a link to their wedding site when I'm done.