Day 203


this is some monk dude blessing places in the main town area of takayama, japan. bitchin hat, amigo.

i promise i want to give me detail in my life and what have you.

it's been a busy week and its not slowing down until august. im very thankful for that of course. i've done two shoots this week so far and i have another tomorrow and a wedding saturday. we leave sunday for ATL then monday for costa rica for bob's wedding. that...should be awesome.

i get back from costa rica and steph comes up for interview/apartment hunting which is exciting.

i ate some pears today and MAN they are just as good as i remember them [from all of life]. they keep on staying delicious. I salute you, Pears.

i started a challenge with my sister to try to get healthier. all sorts of weekly challenges and the winner gets cash money. hopefully we'll both win by eating better and exercising and all that crap. its week three of 25. it's a long way to festivus.

also in tangentially related news, i have set it up so bryan johnson can start contributing to popTpop. he and his crew get lots of them on a regular basis, so hopefully there will be more activity over there soon. i have so many i need to post i just havent yet. forgive, all 4 of you who view that blog. it'll be a book one day, i think.

im tired.