Day 180


During the trip to Japan, I took some absolutely horrible photographs to try to feel more like a tourist. I think over the next few days I will unleash them upon you, dear reader(s?).

First I present to you, Nijo Castle, in Kyoto...photographed as though my mom was trying to figure out how to use the digital camera. Hey, at least it's not a video, right?

And by the way, I was GOING to use Vimeo to post this clip, but it required me to wait a fucking HOUR for this [literally] one and half second video clip. No exaggeration. 56 minutes.

(an after thought was to take a screen shot, so here it is a few minutes later, mocking me. there are times to push for me to upgrade, and there are times you just make me want to punch you in the junk with brass knuckles. all my love, cary.)

added the vimeo one for my own personal head-to-head quality testing.

erm..oops. from cary norton on Vimeo.