mental_floss is an amazing magazine full of non-stop nerdery, facts, and more thorough insight lots of things than you may need. Fortunately, they are based, at least in part, here in Birmingham. A good portion of the content of the magazine is historical or in someway abstract which lends itself to illustration or various elements of stock photography. However, Winslow Taft (m_f art director) and I have great plans of figuring out ways create brand new, creative photography for as many of their stories as we can. The most recent collaboration is a simple one. They have an entire article on toilet paper and, as the subtitle indicates, it's all about "how America convinced the world to wipe". We settled on a hero shot of a roll of TP. I look forward to working more and more with mental_floss in the future. (Also, I don't know if I blogged the last thing I did for is one of the shots from the "Most Important Questions of 2009" cover story from a couple of issues ago.)