Okay, so I just saw this post over at Gizmodo, featuring the following image:

This is awesome because I received this exact camera when I was 6. I had an entirely Voltron-themed that year and it. was. awesome. The only thing I didn't get was a whole set of the individual characters to create the "full sized" Voltron figure, which at the time I was sad about, but I get now was just that my parents were smart enough not to completely spoil me.
All I am saying is Voltron kicks ass still, and I was super excited to see this classic camera posted online. It is even more appropriate now that I am a photographer.
Also, I just got back from Japan. Took a trip with my sister to celebrate her graduation from Grad School and man did we have fun. Here is a random snap while I wait for my film to get processed. I shot 8mm as well. That's exciting.