Day 155


old lady in takayama

in classic form i have things to say but am bad at writing them out. takayama was cool. a very traditional place in a similar sense of gatlinburg being traditional. only japan is old as crap and has a lot more awesome history and character to offer. no offense intended to the great smokey mountains. this place is really pretty though. i cant wait to get the 8mm back. i think ill shoot a tungsten roll today for no apparent reason.

we meet up with my buddy Denny and Leigh, his wife/friend-of-nicole, today in Kyoto. there is apparently a spa across the street. bring that mess on. last september eastern europe was amazing and we walked a million miles but somehow i am more sore this time. we still walk a million miles but we slept at a traditional place last night (ie on a mat on the floor) so it is compounded a bit.

also for lunch and dinner yesterday we had Hida beef. holy shit.

here is me cooking my own at the table at lunch. dinner we had a lot more and were a bit tipsy on whisky and sake, so it was even better.

(the video is in line to be processed, so itll eventually be here. url: )

my dinner last night in takayama japan from cary norton on Vimeo.