Day 103


So in a bit of a break from normal stuff here, I figured I would post a random chunk from my studio. It vaguely reminds me of those flickr groups where people post everything they keep in their pockets / bags. Except this is a corkboard of polaroids, prints, and old crap from family archives. So really they aren't all the similar.

Things you see here. The first, most 100% awesome, is the photo of my sister from good old school days. You'll know it by her trapezoidal hair.

A list of random other things, in no particular order.

Prints from my trip to Uganda, a polaroid of me next to a polaroid of steph, a handful of david, bob miller, bryan's kid noah, my mom, my parents, me and my dad, steph again, celeste, rabbi igber, mr p's, my cousin jamie, her parents looking like they are from that 70s show, caleb, my grandparents, gregory, photobooths of me + nicole and me + steph, my grandmother looking sour, and a couple more. this is constantly growing, very slowly. shot with my half frame.