Darkroom Love

So...it is friday night...what did you do tonight? I ate chinese, cleaned my studio, and hung out in the darkroom developing sheets of 4x5 black and white film. No need to get into the grizzlies of what film and what chemicals....I can say we had a good time*. Anyway, it occurred to me that the way I develop stuff may not be exactly orthodox. Or it could be totally common. I don't actually know. Thats not really the point I am wanting to make anyway. The point is I use a tracklist of music on my phone and I fully stole the idea of music mixes as chemical times from by buddy Jonathan Purvis. I'm sure he listens to obscure amazing musics while he develops...I just searched my iTunes for songs that matched the lengths of time I needed. 
I present to you that playlist...list now: 

  • The Sesame Street Theme Song
  • Weather Systems - Andrew Bird (this is the developer...six minutes)
  • If Before We Are Coughing - Half-Handed Cloud
  • Bourbon Balls & Whoopie Pies - Cecil Church
  • Boa Constrictor - Magnetic Fields
  • Kids In The Hall Theme Song
  • David the Gnome Theme Song
  • Title Track from the Phish album The Sicket Disk
  • Note To Self - David Karsten Daniels
  • Waok (Ay) Rollcall - The Roots
  • some song called 60seconds1 that has been in my iTunes Library since early 2005
  • Row - Jon Brion (Eternal Sunshine Soundtrack)

I thought the list was bizarre enough to share. So there you go. Most of those songs are exactly one minute long.
*this is a decently obscure reference to the linked film. brilliant.
On an entirely unrelated note, here is a video that brings together two things I love immensely. The musics, quicks, looks, faces, ticks, and voice of the lovely Nellie McKay, and TED Talks. If you do not know either of these, do yourself a favor.