Day 074


So today was pretty awesome. I woke up whenever (which means I slept late, which, in my old age means 9:30 am), burned some images for a client, pounded serious-style lunch with Alan Barton. Thats step one to a good day right there.

Then the magic happened.

You know that feeling when you have a day full of things you wanted to do? Like you had ideas, thought about executing them, did them, then found yourself pleased with the result? Well that was the remainder of the day as well.

1) I decided recently that I wanted to start a new weekend tradition. I went with Science Sunday. I really love the idea of having set things that happen consistently, and given that I make my own schedule 99.9% of the time, I think it is high time I start doing something weekly. Shit...I can take a photo every DAY for a year (this is proof!)...surely I can do one other thing once a week. (Now the question here is can I make myself go to the blasted gym once a week. Then twice. Then thrice. Then have lats the size of cobra hoods. BOOM!). I digress. So my point is that today was the first Science Sunday and it went off in style! My two science things today were to watch a video of Carl Sagan (swoon) talking about the Cosmos. (find part one of this video HERE). Part two was to utilize SCIENCE by going through ALL the processes of photography.

2) All the processes of photography:

  • Load 4x5 sheet film into awesome film holders (designed by science!)
  • Find appropriate subjects to photograph
  • Use a meter to determine an exposure for the photograph in relation to the sensitivity of my film(s)
  • Use awesome old camera (science!) to expose light upon not only said 4x5 film, but also Polaroid instant film (SUPER SCIENCE!)
  • Come home and use awesome chemicals to make the film into a negative thing!
  • Scan said negative thing onto the computer (SUUUUUPER SCIENCE HOW THEY DO THAT HOLY SHIT)
  • Use "Internet" to present final image to all of the entire world

3) Step three overlaps a bit with step two (I have a venn diagram in my head), but it is this: Be happy hanging out with Alan, Caleb, Bob, and Winslow. Nods go to Purvis and Braxton. Purvis for being dirty, for us running into him. Braxton for letting us devour 20 mins of his time to photograph him. And I mean all of us. So that was fun..but the fun rolled over into when I was developing the negatives, Caleb and Alan started watching my dvd of This American Life (Series 2) and man..that mess makes me happy every time. Even when it makes me mad. (note to self: google phrase "even when it makes me mad" to see what shows up). Ira Glass is science. Try to argue with me on that one. I'll kneecap you.

So yeah. Great day. (there is always room for improvement, but it'll work!)

Above is Braxton, being awesome with his bike.