Photos from Uganda

Development in Gardening - Photographs from Uganda from cary norton on Vimeo.

This is just a quick, rough way to show some of the photographs I took while in and around Jinja, Uganda for an organization called DIG (Development in Gardening). I was sent over by a local design firm called Simon Cyrene who works with charitable organizations, generally at no cost to them, to document the work they are doing.  
DIG exists to improve the health and well-being of HIV-positive and other at-risk individuals in developing nations. They began in Senegal and have moved to Uganda. The really cool part is they way to do their work. They help groups and individuals set up gardens in such a way that those they are helping gain the knowledge of how to sustain these gardens. Further, they can create new ones by themselves and teach others to do the same.  
So these are my photographs set to some music and interviews I recorded while on site. I hope to have an updated version in the future, but for now, I just want to post something. Look for an Africa edit to be added to my site in the future as well.