Does anyone else see a creepy face? HIDDEN CREEPY FACE POPTPOP

Featured here! now! and smoking! is the Rob Culpepper, being photographed by the legendary Alan Barton!

Featuring for the first time ever on film*, two kids playing fake soccer in the background. Thank YOU Rushton park!

*this is possibly true, what with living in the digital age and all, though, i cannot verify the veracity of this claim (that i, myself, am making)


Hidden somewhere in this photo is a creepy face! I didn't hide just exists by itself. FIRST PERSON TO POINT IT OUT WINS A MILLION!

of something. Possibly more arbitrary points, POSSIBLY A PRINT OF THE POPTPOP OF THEIR CHOICE?

You'll have to enter the damn contest to find out! Comment to give it a go.

Once a winner has been crowned, I'll post a zoomy-iny thing and possibly one with an illustrated bob ross to solidify what I see.


Well hot damn! Only moments after this PoPtPoP was posted (on facebook and here), we had a winner!

Ashley Moynihan! All the way from the pacific coast!

As promised, here is a ghetto illustration of where this little smoke martian is.