Happy X-mas Chapati Stand in Jinja, Uganda POPTPOP!

A PoptpoP revolution is on the way! Prepare!

Until then, here is what I consider a pretty awesome poptpop. I'll tell you why:

  • It's in friggen Africa
  • It's at a friggen Chapati stand
  • That lens she's using friggen ridiculous and friggen long
  • That jumpsuit is friggen sweet
  • THE NAME OF THE CHAPATI STAND...is friggen...HAPPY X-MAS (the bujagali chapati stand)

A chapati, for your knowledge, is a flatbread (like a super thick, doughy crêpe, at least in size, and the fact that they have Nutella as an option), on which is placed all manner of delicious things. The one I ate every time was Chapati, Egg, Tomatoes, Cabbage, and topped off with Avocada....then it is rolled up and wrapped in like newspaper. At least out at Bujagali Falls.

This place was right outside of where I stayed in Bujagali (which is right outside of Jinja) and it was right on the Nile. Here is a picture from a few hundred meters from this place: (shot is over at Electric Lion).

So how's it going everyone? Lemme know! Send me your POPTPOPs TOO! (a better way to do that is coming, but for now EMAIL THEM TO ME.