Uganda + The New Year

Jeeeeeeez! It has been an age times another age to the power of a million since I posted here last.
So since I posted last several things have happened.
Electric Lion finished it's first year (year two is underway) 
I launched another random blog called poptpop, which is a celebration of Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of People. Look for it and EL to have a brand new look sometime in the late winter / early spring. 
I met back up with David (Paleo) and photographed for his next album.  
And a Big one: I posted back in October about the what and the why and since then I have been presented with an opportunity to go to Uganda to help serve a non-profit called DIG by photographing pretty much Everything they do. Pretty much the perfect thing. Very excited. 
I leave Monday for Uganda. I travel to and from via London and will get to see an old friend on my return visit. Very excited about that as well. 
More to come I'm sure. I have a lot of work to do when I get back (not least of which is find some more work!) but I'll try to update here more often. But don't forget about Electric Lion and PoptpoP. 
I'll leave you with this polaroid of David from our December shoot.