Damien Jurado

So I know I just posted yesterday about various new year things and that the post before that was a video that I was in no real way involved in...so it may be a bit odd to post another video right now but I just CANNOT HELP IT. 
Damien Jurado is one of my favorite musicians. He has a style of making songs that makes my insides weep and my outsides smile all while making me want to ride my bike in the snow down a mountain with a fire burning somewhere close by. My point is his words are amazing, his melodies are simple and cut straight into me, and his imagery takes my mind over and I land wherever he wants me to. 
And this video, to me, is PERFECT for all those things. There is pain, heartache, wonderful imagery, a touch of humor, and a dash of mystery all set in a different time and place. 
The song is called Caskets and it is on the new record called Caught in the Trees
The video is by ThinkLab which I now have a huge and thorough crush on. 

Damien Jurado, "Caskets" from Matt Daniels on Vimeo.