the eye of sauron belgrade


one of my goals with PoptpoP (yes, there are goals, apparently (said like dr zoidberg)) is to fully delve into the whole idea of a poptpop. its not just photographs of people taking photographs that so fascinates me. its the whole process. the awkward looking at the back of the camera (thank YOU technology), the scooting people around in the frame, the SUPER intense postures people take to frame the shot just right, its the chimping the photo after, the re-shoots, and in THIS case, the "oh shit, Alexandra, I totally fucking nailed that posed next to fucking Saurons eye. Do you still have that palantír in your purse?" look of satisfaction right AFTER a POPTPOP.

(pictures of people looking satisfied after having their picture taken)

this is in belgrade, serbia (written "beograd" at the bottom of sauron's