WE HAVE A WINNER (and a runner upper!)

Okay so competition was fierce. There were blog guesses and facebook guesses.


the winner is the lovely TAMMY HARPER! I hereby award this part-inkling person the arbitrarily numbered bonus points!
her answer:

ah! i finally found it.

there is totally a dude squatting down in front of the stairs taking a picture of the dude with his hands in the air.

Now! That said, the multi-talented ANNA CARRIGAN answered here on poptpop TWO minutes faster than Tammy, howEVER she seemed to throw in the towel. She got the man on the stairs with his hands up but didn't find the photographer and reinforced this by ending with "i have no idea". SO CLOSE!

As a consolation prize, and because she was wonderful enough to SEND IN HER OWN POPTPOP (thank you), she gets today's post!

Background story from Anna:

in Edinburgh, Calton Hill, Lindsay Blount taking a picture of Alison in front of the National Monument aka the Parthenon aka Edinburgh's Folly because it never got finished.

The Photo:

©Lindsay Blount [or Anna Carrigan]

other notes:

since those were basically two winners, the "official" runner up is Meg "is that meg posing by the pool on portico?" Rymer McClung!

and i think we all agree the women are American. They are dirty, rotten, and from Florida or from the Midwest. It is clear they say things like "warsh" as well. You can tell by the pants.

More poptpop to come!

I think I smell another Mr Brandon on the way.


ps, my favorite part of anna's poptpop is the couple of people perched on monoment.