Day 306

so today's post is of Kevin Wilder. Kevin is a writer who works out of my studio and is, as of this day, starting National Novel Writing Month yet again. he and a good chunk of my friends have done it for a few years and i even tried it one year to no real avail. the goal is 50,000 words over the span of a month. i got 1000 words in, drew a picture and counted that picture as 1000 words and "finished" 48k short. im decidedly not a writer.

i need to photographer all my nanowrimo friends.

but also speaking of kevin...he and i are in a pretty bad ass band called Cat Steve Evans. Cat Steve Evans is a sister band to the great ukulele tour de force called Ukesex, which is produced in association with the lovely stephanie's personal Uke project called Uke A Million.

and speaking of uke a million, be sure to check out a brand new song on the ukeamill blog. its steph and myself doing a damien jurado song (matinee).


****As of right now, the compture got weird and the song may not be posted. its not great anyway but i played uke. whatever.