Day 258


so our access to internet things will likley dry up soon, at least to some degree, so ill try to mention a couple of things here if i can think of anything worthwhile

we are in vienna with garretts brother still and its really been awesome. trevor and boris have been amazing hosts and i feel like we have been high rollin' while here. we went out last night to a local club called the roxy and austrian night life is mind boggling. there were a handful of thugged out dudes who i think really wanted to look Hard. they were smoking pot in the corner with their posse and some girls and would stand next to the dance area and sort of half ass bounce and occassionally throw their arms around. i have video so look out for that when i get home. its not well lit in there but whatever.

but there were like 3 girls in the whole club and they woudl either dance with themselves and be surrounded by a wall of dudes, or alone litterally with no one. and when i think club i think of something classy like bellbottoms or something where people are essencially copulating on the dance floor. austria redefined that for me...NO ONE TOUCHED. it was bizarre.

one 90 foot tall guy was thugged out and had a michael-jackson-thriller-glove not on his hand, but miniaturized and turned into BLING around his neck. amazing.

our trip plans at this point are pointing to prague then krakow then lviv and from there we arent sure. we may skip romania and head straight into serbia en route to the adriatic coast. we shall see. either journey will take over 20 hours on a train. sounds hot right?

so far so good though. alls well and its getting cooler which i like. i guess its the 14th and we get on a plane the 30th so really thats two weeks left. its flying.

anyway...ill move on for now.

stuff ive been shooting has been john and garrett, as one might expect, and then various touristy things. i brought the Hexar and the Lomo and it may be the habit of shooting lomo for 6 years...but i really love it. hexar is cool and i think the results will be more sharp, more predictable, more even..but the lomo shots have a decent chance of having more life to them. its such a hard call on which way to go with it.

more later, though i couldnt say when. i will say this...beeje lent me his ipod touch and its been awesome. i can poke around for wifi spots and sometimes slip online Just enough to feel connected...a sad state of affairs for an addict.

please forgive any typos..this was typed on an austrian keyboard with no spell check.

the images will dry up the 16th as that is all i have pre-posted. just for your fyi