Eurotrip '92!

Alright! So it has obviously been a while since I have posted here (as I note on every occasional blog here, most of my "blog" time (is there blog time? does that exist? is that a thing?) is spent of at my daily photo blog electric lion) but I have random travel news. I'll be headed to Eastern Europe for three weeks with John and Garrett and I am VERY excited. Our currently city/country list is roughly as follows:
Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia, with a possible slide through on Bosnia. (see a google map here.
If you or anyone you know either lives in these areas or need photographs taken in these areas, lemme know! I'm 100% down to take on an assignment (provided it doesn't totally tank our plans).
Part of me is scared a war is going to start while we're gone..and if that happens, we'll have to see if I return.
Anyway. I have been aching to get out of the country for a while now. India was my last jaunt, and as fresh as that memory is, a two year old memory doesn't cut it.
I'll be gone from Tuesday through the end of the month. I'll come back with a metric tonne of film though. Who would like to volunteer to finance the processing and developing?
A couple of random notes: 
I also recently started another fully self-indulgent photo blog called Poptpop. Or PoptpoP. or PopTpoP, or however your palindrome fancy sways. I absolutely love palindromes so it was especially exciting to me to have an incidental idea that worked out to be the same backwards and forwards...or at least the acronym is anyway. PoPtPoP stands for Pictures of People Taking Pictures of People and as you might have guessed that is all that is on the site. For now the images are all mine, collected from various trips / life, though I have tinkered with the idea of post others' work in a separate catergory. It will probably stay as only my work as I am not a huge fan of co-opting other peoples work, even if its a snap shot. 
LINK: (how awesome would it be to have www.poptpop.www)
And the second of the "couple" of things is a requisite posting of my favorite Electric Lion shots. It has really turned into almost an entire year of portraits. There are very few shots throughout the whole project that don't feature a person. Digression...activate!: