Day 230

so this is a random note to say thanks to everyone who has given feedback so far. for some reason i dont generally respond, but i read it and appreciate it.

here are steph's parents. this is a random candid shot amid our mildly awkward family picture thing. it really wasn't awkward but i feel like it was supposed to haven awkwardness to it so everyone just assumed it was there. they are solid. her whole family is solid honestly...all the way down to their dogs (one of which is 100% all the time adorable and another which no one can figure out how she is still alive). they have 1.5* cats too but i dont count them.

*this could be taken a couple of ways. the one cat thats still around is called fat cat so it could be a crack on its weight, but what i really meant it as is that they one cat (fat cat) still hanging around their house and another one who vanished a while back but no one knows its status. i'll assume its off somewhere posing for photos to be made fun of online, or perhaps a feline version of the dogs-playing-poker thats been around so long.