Day 227

[background music // david karsten daniels]

so i've been watching a LOT of "Home Movies" lately. this has caused yet another man-crush on H. Jon Benjamin. that man is brilliant and only brilliant and i'll smack your face if you disagree. or i'll think about doing it and maybe say it aloud.

a friend and i have been going back and forth on our facebook walls spewing home movies quotes willy nilly silly billy.

i recently purchased a camera via ebay AND finally got a copy of Robert Frank's The Americans. This has created in me massive desire to shoot shoot shoot. its mostly the Frank but new toys are fun as well. The camera I got ( awaiting) is a Konica Hexar that is about the same size as the Leica M series and has a lens that people say its basically a lens on par with leica, which says a lot. the camera itself has its pros and cons but i have to say that im very excited about it. it is, at its core, auto focus which is one element i'm excited about. so long as it does the job i require, im happy to give over an element of control to a camera that has a good reputation. its what i'll be shooting (possibly exclusively) in europe (i'll get to that) and i WOULD take my lomo (mostly for posterity, its the only camera i brought with me on my last euro excursion) but on a recent trip to portland, oregon (siiigggghhhh. what a place. and i miss h+g, and to some degree the cats..but less so them)) ALL the lens elements just Fell out. all of them. magically lomo said they'd replace it..i just need to send it in. (note: the lens elements, etc are wrapped in cling film and in the film compartment. just in case you like that info)

so me getting The Americans in is perfectly timed for a recently planned trip for eastern europe. i'll be very inspired by Frank on this trip, undoubtedly. a lot of the images in the book arent necessarily outstanding on their own merit..which is REALLY encouraging to me...i love shooting photographs that have further context than themselves. i WILL say however that in every photo i saw in the book there is something that will grab you somehow. that is a huge thing to say and thats why he was by-god Robert Frank.

so me and john yam and garrett simpson have planned a trip to eastern europe for september. anyone have any suggestions? (other than jealous insults, of course)
the plan so far is, in no order, hungary, croatia, austria, czech republic, romania, slovenia, slovakia, possibly poland, possibly ukraine, etc etc.

im down to hear any suggestions on places to go, sleep, eat, photograph, travel to, or scam on hot euro babes. kidding about the euro babes. is today's post. its a sort of everyday life (ie boring) shot of jason computing toward the end of the day

irony: a recently inspired bout of 35mm-shooting-desire, while taking a picture of jason, who only shoots digital (more or less), shot on a 4x5. none of it adds up. im okay with that.