Day 208

i have a soft spot for my grandparents. here is my grandmother again.

[ED] i received a copy of the current issue of the legendarily musical and nerdy magazine "Tape Op". if any of you reading this are music nerds you may already know about it. i'll sum it up for those outside of "the know" (as i was even in very recent history)....tape op kicks ass and its important. its highly regarded in the music field.

well, not surprising to me (now), they wrote a piece on--rather, ran an interview with--Paleo, which many of you will remember was the dude i went on tour with during his amazing feat of writing, recording, and releasing a song every day for 365 consecutive days. yes, this interview is in the current issue, but more importantly to me is that they ran one of my photos for the story and whats more they ran it HUGE. it fills a substantial portion of the two-page (center fold!) spread.

see it here: (as in, click this image)

Paleo in Tape Op magazine