Day 154

so i have mentioned my sister before, im sure. if not here, then on the blog of my main website. she has just finished up her chemotherapy and we are all quite happy to be celebrating her first "remission party" this month in new york. i dont really know the rules about what is considered remission or timelines and doctors' opinions of such things, but as far as im concerned she's doing great. the chemo was preventative anyway (meaning they were pretty sure they got it all with the surgery back in december) and now even it is done so i have even more confidence.

she is so strong and just an amazing person not shocked at how well she has done managing work, grad school, and pumping god-knows-what into her body (well the doctors did that part i guess).

but this day's blog isnt just all about how awesome she is, it also features a photo of her. she told me that i am the only person to have a photo of her looking like Daddy Warbucks. i am proud to hold that obscure, specific title.

el_154 nicole as daddy warbucks, with barbie head