Been a while

Okay so it has been a while since I have posted here mostly due to being occupied by the other place I am posting daily images--electric lion. I do try to keep the images in the electric lion part of this site when I have time but the bulk of posting nonsense happens over there for now.
I have a couple of things to blurt out awkwardly here really quickly.
My sister is done with chemo! There is a remission-bash in June and I am pumped for it. Anyone know some Reps or Photo Directors I should meet with while I'm in New York? Anyway, she was and is a badass and can now finally flip the bird to long-named cancer drugs--hopefully for goood. Also, she still has shirts and bags for sale at her blog. They go toward he lovely hospital bills. Check it here.
Speaking of my sister, I got to see here when we convened on the family farm (with Nicole, my mom, my grandparents, aunt and uncle, cousins, etc) for Mothers' Day and while there I took some portraits of her (one should be sufficiently creepy. she is a good sport) as well as some 8mm footage of Nic and my granddad working with his bees. He has kept bees since 1969 and at age 86.5 he still works them practically every day. Here is some of that footage. Note that I shot it with two different cameras...see if you can tell which one is expensive (read: not mine) and which one cost four dollars (thrift store!). It shouldn't be too hard to tell, if you have eyes that work anyway.


Here are some random favorites from electric lion. I realized I hadn't posted any in a good while (here, anyway) so I will now highlight a few.

Jason Hamric helping me out on a shoot in Indianapolis, Indiana

My good friend Helen (who recently moved to Portland with Garrett. Cue weeping) modeling for some new mental_floss tshirts.