Day 109

so i got back the first samples of the big project that took up all my time and generated lots of really cool work.

i've thus far tried to only post images from it that i know weren't going to run, but now that i have it in hand i feel a bit more open to the idea.

the project was this year's social responsibility report for regions bank for which bryan, jason, mark, michael, caleb (among others), and i worked on last year. last year it was a crazy time and there were Tons of shots so Slaughter Group (responsible for the design, execution, etc) hired a million people and sent us all over the u.s. over a very shot amount of time and really did an amazing job keeping everyone in line. slaughter really are solid. i worked with mandy and marion and thoroughly enjoyed to try to find something awesome enough to give them as a thank you, right? this year they had a lot less shots to take and i was privileged enough to be the guy they hired to take them.

if you happen to be in a regions branch in the next little while, look for a small book with this on the cover.

once i get spreads or take photos of it, ill post them somewhere and link to it. i was pretty happy with how it all came out but i am slightly more excited if they are able to get their printer to do a short digital run of "our" book, which is to say a copy of the book with our preferred photographs. as usual the client wanted changes here and there. to be expected.

ANYWAY...i'll shut up. here is maleek at birmingham's jones valley urban farm