My sister, by Denny Renshaw

Very occasionally I'll post something here that isn't my work and this is a perfect time for that. I really wanted to be in New York to photograph my sister as she goes through chemo, as I have heard that this process can be especially impacting and an important thing to document. My friend Rashel had Jason to photograph her head-shave (which actually is a good story, if you know them and haven't heard it yet) and I am really glad Nicole had our friend Denny around to grab at least this one shot. Her hair is all shorn now, but this was her right before, rocking the mohawk she had for a while. God I love my sister.

©Denny Renshaw

I hope he doesn't mind me posting this here. You should check out is work and hire him for taking photographs. He's quite good.

Denny Renshaw

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