So close

I am so close to the end of this project and I really have had an amazing time. We have two photographs left to create and we are bunkered down here in illustrious* Panama City. The great Jason Hamric has been my assistant and Chatham Hellmers has been my go to girl on style and both have really done a great job doing what they do and making my life much more sane than perhaps it should be.
There are so many photos I can't wait to post but I feel a great need for the final product to run before I post any I feel are major contenders for the final selections. I have photographed people who are helping the world via ecological activism, educational and health mentoring, the arts, the lovely world of animals, and on and on. I'll post some favorite electric lion shots soon. I can't wait to get these images up though. I am proud of them.

*illustrious = gross