Day 033

the photo i took today may end up being really boring but i was compelled to take it nonetheless. a while back i had an incidental conversation with the guy who owns the property on which The Garage operates and it seems he used to be a an architect or some such and was responsible for building what ended up being the first gay and lesbian church (his words...i dont know exactly what that means). anyone familiar enough with this city would probably know it at site. its the crazy looking, blue, a-frame church on montclair as you approach the backside of crestline. anyway...they are tearing it down though i couldnt say i know why. most of its gone and the 40 foot section of blue ribcage that is left is strangely upsetting. it seems so dramatic to be sticking so far up in the air in the middle of plowed-down dirt and cleared trees like a beached whale picked clean or a burnt down shanty town. i dont really know anything about the place other than hearing this one guys story but it was enough to at least make me notice the building's destruction. either way its what i shot today.

on to today's post. today will be a rare occasion where there are two photos. the first is today's actual shot and the second is for bryan so he can write his Super Bowl blog entry using either / both of the shots

sküp (bryan's brother, phil) and beeje recently got amazing, small "replicas" of nfl helmets. heres an old school style shot of them posing with the ball (for no apparent reason), as well as sküp in the car, looking a bit too intense and long-faced. also note that the beverage in his hand is a La Croix.

el_033 beeje and skup