Day 028

photograph(s) taken today: taylor bruce

today's posted photo: a photo from the hospital during my sister's recovery time in the hospital. it kind of reminds me of old found photos from way back in the day that are does that make sense? some of the photos i love from decades past are the ones that were never intended to be outstanding. i took this shot to document the fact that it was snowing. not having looked at it in a month or so i strikes me now as one i found at a thrift store. perhaps thats not the most flattering thing i could say about one of my own shots but it seems like it came with its own little piece of nostalgia so im okay with it. im finding a bit more peace as late in reacting to photos and going with the feeling i find rather than trying to analyze why i react that way i do. to wit, me posting this shot.

also i should mention that i relate this photo to a song called "ashes over manhattan" (or is it "spread my ashes over manhattan." hmm. i dont know.) by the great book of john, which was apprpriately written the same week by taylor shaw.

el_028 ashes over manhattan