Electric Lion

Electric Lion
I have started a new blog that is apart from this website that has a simple goal of making me shoot and post every day this year. I tend to go through droughts at times when I am either really busy or really idle during which I pretty much don't shoot and that seems a) easily fixable and b) kind of inexcusable. My remedy for this is to create this blog that basically gives me similar restrictions as Paleo had on his Song Diary.
It will be updated daily (see the rules) and I'll try to update the images over here every week or so. Also I'll note that as of this posting the design is still VERY under construction and will get better.
Here is the first entry from the electric lion blog.

so today i join the uncountable myriad of camera owners who have set forth to post / shoot a photo every day. to try to create a work worthwhile every single day. to follow in the footsteps of giants. to try to do with photographs what emily dickinson did with poems, what suzan-lori parks did with plays, what paleo did for songs. i'm not trying to go out every day and create the world's greatest photo and i'm certainly not trying to post an image for the sake of doing so. if i can achieve a small part of what david strackany managed over his year long project then i will be beyond elated. i will try to learn from his example, actually. i was lucky enough to witness his journey first hand and get direct insight from him as to how he saw his work and, in a small way, what it meant to him. in short, i will attempt to create something every day and let it stand by itself and not go back an re-edit or have doubts about it later. at the end of the year i hope to have something that ..well..i guess just is SOMETHING. something that has been consistent and hopefully improved over time.
to give myself structure, i will be giving myself a loose set of rules in which to operate.
1_ i must take a photo on any given day
2_ the photo i post for a given day does not necessarily have to be the one taken that day
3_ if the photo for the day is shot film, i can post a place-holder text entry that gives insight into what should be expected to appear once the film is returned and post-processed.
4_ the goal is to keep making photographs in a classic manner, but new ideas should not be written off. that is, i can experiment, so long as it isn't some horrid gimmick.
5_ if for some reason i have no access to the internet, i am not excused for a post for that day.
6_ if a day is missed (ie not photo is taken on that day (rule one, most important)) the project is over.
7_ self portraits are kind of a cop-out, but will pass. creative, abstract, or meta-portrait attempts are encouraged, but i guess not 100% required.
8_ enjoy the process, push yourself, don't be an asshole.
so there we go.
day one was me on my scooter driving to Bryan's house. here is bryan and ashley's kid Noah, whom i call Karl (after Karl Pilkington, as they look the same. long story.)

Here is Day 001 (Noah) and several favorites of my first 19 days.