Day 003

alright here we are at day three and it was spent almost entirely at Epcot. Seriously. Epcot. It was really a good time and I think a child would get lost. Also today or yesterday I saw a kiddo playing with a toy plane and tried to imagine what he was seeing in his mind. I love that he was just in his world creating it on the fly. Really I don't ever want to grow up. At least I don't want to kill that part of me.

Anyway. Today was cold as shiteballs but made for some interesting shots so look for those soon. If I had my laptop I'd post some phone shots or some of the ones from my dad little digital--there are some real winners. But anyway I don't so my placeholder I think will be random shapes of epcot or random people.

Tampa tomorrow. Oooo maybe a shot of k-bone.

bonus, the image on the sign she is taking a photo of: