Some people around me

The studio has shifted around a bit over the last three years and I thought I'd give a glimpse into the people who are around in my direct area these days. We started quite humbly about three years ago all in one office in my loft downtown and as we've grown we have had Bryan move down the hall (seriously like 45 feet away), Jason has added a full-time assistant, and I have moved into a separate office from them and then added my friend Garrett to our place for a little company. Garrett, though not a photographer, does prove to be a wonderful person to have around on a number of levels, so we are very happy to have him around.


Here is Jason "trying to look like" me, which to him apparently means having his hood up on his sweatshirt and looking a bit sour / grizzled.

Alan, who is Jason's full-time guy, is a super solid shooter himself and an all-around great person to have on hand at any given moment. In fact I just got back from having coffee with him, but that's sort of unimportant.

And Garrett. Ahhhh Garrett. Day-trader and life guru, he brings a lot of happiness to our 80 square feet of the studio. Come on...look at this guy...

Another new element to my days as late is a recent addition to the neighborhood called Urban Standard. The people there are as warm as the coffee (which, incidentally comes from local roasters Primavera Coffee Roasters)and the food is nothing short of outstanding (note: try the cupcakes) and they have a special extra bonus for me, as well. My friend Luke works there which means not only do I get to see new friends there (everyone who works there kicks ass) but I also get to be graced by his scottish glow.