Carrie Merritt

So there is a triumvirate in Birmingham that is a Force. Not one to be reckoned with. That, my dear friends, would be folly. For this tri-force (zelda reference, thanks very much) is known as The Car[rie][y]s. Pardon the brackets. For the sake of readability and as a nod to plurality, I'll call us The Carries (re: plurality - if we combined Carrie and Cary, to make Carry, if it were plural, in theory, it would be Carries. Stop being pedantic and just go with it). We have magical powers and pretty much could take over the world, had we that desire, but for now your world is safe. Actually it'd be safer if we took over, but who has the time. 
So one part of our elite force is called Carrie Merritt. She fights battles for the earth and for women and sometimes both at the same time. She may be small but she's got spunk and a desire to wield her small fists (metaphysically, of course). 
We went down to the Cahaba River to hang out and shoot a bit. I came out with these photos, a big cut on my leg, and wet feet. She was in business attire (including heels), crossed the river on rocks, and would have gotten out on the dam if her legs were longer. Yeah, she came out unscathed and cute. Jerk. Nonetheless, she is a crucial element in our well-balanced world domination scheme.