Stas and James

I recently did some work that involved beneficiaries of specific regional and international charities. Here are a couple of shots from that. 

This first dude is called "Stas". That's short of Stanislaw Janeczko, IV. How hard does that kick ass? He skates a lot (when not grounded (he's a wee 15 years of age)) over at 6th Avenue Skatepark, which is part of a larger unit of awesomeness called Rocketown, in Nashville.
James is holding his feed shovel. In Palestine, Arkansas. And he is awesome.
Heifer International, which is based nearby, donated to him some cows (hence the name) and when those cows have more cows (specifically, heifers, and after they get pregnant), James gets to pass them on to someone else, who will then fall into the fold of the Heifer people, who provide training from there. Pretty cool (and sustainable, lovely spirited), eh?