There is a band, no...a guy you need to know about. The band is called Paleo and the man who is Paleo is called David Andrew Strackany. My buddies The Triceratops played a show last night (well, Monday night. It's nigh on five AM so I don't know what to call "today") ultimately opening for Paleo and I feel sorry for the suckers who left when ye olde T-Tops was done. They all missed a hell of a performance. David is around 6' 3" with shoes on. Very slender. Crazy hair. Somehow, at least now, it totally makes sense that he takes the stage with himself, and a children's acoustic guitar. He has a quiet way of drawing you in then launching a vocal surprise attack with the eeire and lovely voice. If I can figure out what he sounds like, I'll let you know, but until then you should just go to his website. Since last April (16th, in fact) he has been on the road with a mission to write (and record, and POST TO HIS SITE, with lyrics) a brand new song every day for a whole year. He just wrote song 289 in my apartment tonight. Yesterday afternoon and in the wee hours of this morning I took some photographs of him.

At least one shot of him with his tiny guitar will be on the way soon.