So, I added a new book. I wanted a place to have new work other than the journal, as well as have a place for people to see the newest stuff of mine that I like. I had two books--"one" and "two". Sort of backed myself into a corner there. So I went with the only thing reasonable before "one". So I made "zero". If I make one called "-one" or whatever, someone punch me in the ear.

Here is the description of zero from the image notes.

Zero. This is were to go for the newest images. Very often these images will have been posted in the journal before appearing here, but this book will serve as a slightly more permanent home for them. There are a few lame allusions I could attempt to make to "zero hour" and things implying this book is the bleeding edge for seeing my work, but I'll spare you. (NOTE: the term "bleeding edge" has always bothered me. Not for its gross undertone, but more because, if you think about it, when you get cut it takes a moment to start bleeding. So really, the previous champion "cutting edge" remains better than the current word-for-saying-super-current du jour "bleeding edge". Whatever.)