Stillwater is an odd place.

I recently took a trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma to see an old friend (Adrian) I'd not seen in some time and was reminded what a weird place it is. Stillwater, is what I mean, but Oklahoma is a bit odd by itself. I was there for what was deemed "a bit of a mad tea party" complete with top hats, tea, potatoes (?), pizza, and an improvisational string trio. If, perchance, you've not been to an outdoor teaparty in the midwest during the month of December, I submit you've not been alive. Let me rephrase that. You are likely slightly more sane than those of us in attendance. (Mid-December tea party, however, does NOT rival a mid-February dip into Loch Ness. The loch steals from you all ability to feel and, tragically, all ability to feel any effects (taste or otherwise) of single malt whisky. "Ill advised" to to the faint of heart. It was awesome, but I digress.) 
Despite having a specific reason to be there, most of my time was spent...filling time. Part of this time-filling was used to make a new friend, Jesse. He plays various instruments and sings in a band called Kunek and I've enjoyed their music as long as I've known of it, but, despite that, I'd not had a chance to meet him until this trip (nigh on three years since I was last in Stillwater). I suppose Adrian would posit that Jesse and I got along so well because we're both very Leo (I am apparently something like quadruple or quintuple Leo, but that stuff is over my head). Lions. Rawr. Anyway, we got on well and even have tentatively decided to musically-collaborate-by-mail to bring the awesome powers of our respective bands into one collective powerhouse of awesome awesomeness.
Here is a small chunk of photos from my trip. 

Adrian running. I have no idea why though. She took off and sprinted (as much as one can in those boots) to her neighbor's house, soon to return in the same manner--as if she'd just been given a way to commune with a herd of narwal or given some dark chocolate. 

Adrian in front of her house. Yes, that is 419 1/2. Stillwater has this odd habit of having half-addresses.

Styled by me, taken by Adrian. THIS. BUMPER-STICKER. INFURIATES. ME.

(how can you not love this owl?)