These are my grandparents--Charlie and Virginia Cornelison who reside is illustrious Gurley, Alabama. My granddad worked for Redstone Arsenal ages and ages ago and I only have a vague idea of what he did, but what I do know is that since 1969 he has been a beekeeper. Not just a casual beekeeper, but the kind who gets awards and inductions in societies (or at least associations?). I am obviously in no position to be unbiased but I swear to you the honey that comes from Hurricane Valley is the best in the world. Anyway.

This is them at First Monday in Scotsboro, Alabama. First Monday was traditionally a trade day but has morphed into a kind of group flea market where everyone has their specialty. Knight Rider lunchbox? Sure. Oxe tongue? Why not. Guns and knives and romance novels? All here at this table. Avon products and creepy dolls? No problem. But mostly its all for sale, not for trade. That is to say, not as much trading goes on these days. I'm glad I got to witness the end of this era though. (If you're looking for some quality (read: 1980's) Harlequin Romance Novels, there is a good chance my grandmother will have a Piggly Wiggly bag full of them.)