Tammy & Jamie

Tammy and Jamie in Birmingham.

I swear the world gets smaller every minute I'm alive. I mean that in a global sense [running into people in other countries/cities/etc] but even on a local scale it blows my mind. Birmingham is a city of around 1.5 million [metro] and every time I shoot something involving a group I'm amazed because I know pretty much no one there and previously I didn't even know they existed. I met with Tammy and Jamie about shooting for them and realized half way through the meeting that I already knew Tammy, just not formally. She was a new server at a local café (read: greasy spoon burger joint) some friends and I go to as often as possible...I jut hadn't put them together. THEN...it turns out Jamie is in the band Evil Right Wing Conspiricy wtih my good buddy Kevin. Granted, they are in the arts community here in town, but I just never see stuff like this coming. If you get a chance, check out their musical collective Handwritten Letters.