Legotron Mark I

  • Legotron, Mark I — 4x5 Camera made of LEGO bricks

    Legotron, Mark I — 4x5 Camera made of LEGO bricks

    IM TRANSFERRING ALL THE INFO ABOUT THE LEGOTRON HERE. If you've stumbled here while I'm working on this, please see these things:

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    Back in August of 2009, I blogged about having an idea of making a 4x5 out of LEGO bricks. Ten days later I'd made some serious progress on it. I started with trying to use the LEGO builder App on the computer to spec it out before I built it, but my mind wouldn't work like that, so I threw that out and borrowed a metric tonne of LEGOs from my friend Gregory. I made a couple of rounds of prototypes that proved to work well enough for my mind to think Hello World / proof of concept. Fast forward a bit and I got really busy and left the project sitting on a desk for just ages. A big hitch in the progress, other than being busy, was that I'd built just enough of the camera to realize I had to rebuild the main body to accomodate the film holder—a part I'd forgotten to plan for.

    Fast forward something like a year, and I finally carved out time to restructure everything to fit the back and actually finish the super-low-budget "ground glass". This weekend marked the first time all the pieces came together! I took 4 frames on Sunday, two Monday, and processed them later that day. I got to scan them this morning and I am COMPLETELY FREAKING STOKED.

    Here are the 4 frames I shot. I only took the time so far to edit the one of Ashley.