Why hello

So I realize it has been quite a while since I posted. I have remained fairly busy which is, of course, good...but it has caused me to neglect this blog a bit. That said, I have so far managed to keep up my year-long project, electric lion, which has been very rewarding indeed. I forget every now and then how rewarding self assigning work can be.
It's been an exciting year so far and I think it will just continue to get better.
Some highlights:

  1. my sister continued her fight against breast cancer remaining amazingly strong while balancing treatments, her job, AND grad school. (good god)
  2. trip with sister and dad to freaking EPCOT. it was like being a kid again only..follow me here...totally different.
  3. the invention of a new sport-style game with Bryan and his brother Phil (aka Sküp)
  4. some terrific fun traveling around the southeast on what amounted to an off-and-on month long shoot (yielding some really bad ass shots)
  5. working with various musicians and magazines
  6. trips to random states and cities
  7. new cameras!
  8. massive ninja turtles
  9. coney island
  10. an amazing trip to Portland, OR

That pretty much brings us up to date. I have a bunch of things in the pipeline for this month and come Septem 
ber I finally get out of the country again! It's about bloody time.
My friends John and Garrett are heading to eastern Europe for a few weeks where I'll undoubtedly be shooting and sweating a lot. And let us not forget crazy new foods!
If you or anyone you know needs anything photographed, seriously let me know. SERIOUSLY. I'll be there...may as well provide photos people need while I'm there.
I'd also like to mention that I just relaunched my other website that is much more simple and directed more for art/creative directors and photo editors, etc. It should generally contain a very similar edit as I am circulating in my portfolios.
You can get there a couple of ways.
That's it for now.