Day 189



alright, so a few words i guess are in order (at least according to me)

first i'll say i am hoping to get film back tomorrow though it may be wednesday. i hope to have lots of fun things therein. man.. i really cant explain just how awesome it is to get film back. its one of the many reasons i shoot film over digital. i get that question a fair amount actually..why film over digital. feel (as subjective as that is), texture, personal connection to the camera and subject, tone, consistency, the feeling of doing something Real..these are a few of the reasons i enjoy film. but secretly i think the biggest one is the nostalgic, glorious feeling inside getting back film from pretty much any occassion, comparable only to something like my voltron themed christmas or getting my first bike. very literally its like unwrapping something you aren't quite sure of, but you know there is a good chance of Awesome.

anyway...a few notes

i'll go back to Day 183. i accidentally let this milestone slip by and didn't even really pay attention to what image i posted that day. day 183 was the half way point for the electric lion project as it was originally planned. a year of photos. plenty of people have done it, fewer people have done it well..and i am halfway to one of those ends. i have enjoyed myself so far and am very grateful to steph for having encouraged me to start it (possibly accidentally) in the first place. i am looking very much forward to the second half of the year as i will be much more free to do things i want go visit friends in oregon and hopefully travel to the some of the parts of europe i haven't seen yet. i really only have three things lined up between now and the end of the year which should leave me plenty of time to figure out who i want to work for, how i want to travel professionally, and where i want to go (and go and go and go).

it worked out well though that i posted that photo of taylor on day 183. its one of my favorites so far as i get to know my speed graphic. it manages to fit in with some photos i have taken of him which manage to show just a touch of how i feel listening to the great book of john.

okay so the next point of business is a touch of explaining about Strikeout™.

strikeout is a game my family has played only at the lake for as long as the lake has been an option, so as far back as any of us can remember. over time the property has changed (from a front yard for a mobile home thing, to the front yard of a house, to the front yard cut in half by a recently added porch) but it works out okay because the rules are even more amorphous than the playing field. ages ago it was kind of like'd'd'd score, etc. but every once in a while too many people would be on base and you'd have to have a ghost-runner and that was a slippery slope, especially in conjunction with construction and laziness, to make it a fairly sedentary game. but again that doesnt matter much because the REAL heart of the game is arguing. what constitutes a single...triple...homerun, an out, a strike..the ruling on a balk...can you walk?..did you swing?..all of these things are Very important and worth fighting to the death over. i realize now its a very Festivus-esque kind of game even though we've been playing since before seinfeld (though not before festivus..that goes back to 1966).

we have a lot of weird traditions in my family and strikeout is just one of many. and we start them young. day 150 was us teaching emma, not even 4 (i think?), how to play. her attention span is short now (spent 99% of the game inside the house asleep) but one day i hope she teethes her wit and cunning on the game of strikeout.

the pictures i posted recently were of our strikeout teams from this year. first posted was team one (named (this year anyway) the Space Monkeys (which is of course a whole other story in itself. have jamie tell you). it was allison (sister's roomie), emma, charles (aka the golden child), and my mom. team two (arbitrarily called the mudcats by summer) was my sister (cueball mcgill), summer (who loves new york), my uncle james (who loves...well..thats up for debate...look at his face), and me.

the shots were taken before the game but could have been an after-shot. the space monkeys won and we weren't happy about it. turns out allison is secretly amazing at strikeout. or my sister just pitches meatballs. your pick.

though everyone knows we lost, we could all debate reasons to reverse the decision. good thing we dont keep records nor keep the same teams every year.

yeah thats it.