• Paul Hard photographed for the Huffington Post

    Paul Hard photographed for the Huffington Post

    As LGTBQ equality gradually permeates my state of Alabama, I am always excited to contribute in any small way I can. The Huffington Post’s Lila Shapiro has spent quite a bit of time in the South reporting on all things LGBTQ and has filed today a story I photographed a couple of months ago. It covers a lot of ground, but the man above is Paul Hard, professor at Auburn University. Paul lost his husband in 2013, tragically and very shortly after their wedding, and is currently embroiled in various litigations concerning their rights as a married couple in Alabama. 

    Check out the whole article here.

  • Dan, Lauren, and Leona.

    Dan, Lauren, and Leona.

    A while back my friends Dan and Lauren got married and I made some photos for them. It's hard to resist documenting such a thing on the 8x10. Pictured here is the seriously-just-got-married-couple Dan and Lauren, with mini tyke Leona rounding out the family. 

  • Dr. Bruce Irwin, CEO of American Family Care, for Forbes.

    Dr. Bruce Irwin, CEO of American Family Care, for Forbes.

    I stumbled across a story I shot for Forbes just now. Just thought I'd post an outtake and a link to the story. 

    For background, this is Dr. Bruce Irwin, the doc who founded American Family care, the urgent care offices that seem to be everywhere these days. He's based in Birmingham but has 120+ AFCs all over the place (mostly the south) and is continuing to expand all the time. 

    Read more about it all over at Forbes.

  • Watermelon harvest

    Watermelon harvest

    Still out in Arizona and was super excited to see watermelons being harvested today. We ventured out there to see if they'd let us go out to shoot everything happening, but this is as close as they'd let me get. Bonus, there were beehives all around the fields. Bunches of them. I don't love migratory beekeeping, in general, but I love seeing bees. 

  • Dispatch from the road

    Dispatch from the road

    Dispatch from the road: Phoenix.

    It's been a busy month and we capped it off with a trip to Arizona to visit family. We're checking off a couple of our to-do items for 2014 on this trip, too, by heading to the Grand Canyon and by Steph learning to make some family cookies. 

    It's been a whirlwind of mountains and poptpops and bad vacation photos*. Highlights: Sedona jeep tour, Wukoki Pueblo in Flagstaff, and being totally surrounded by tourists with cameras.

    *by bad vacation photos I mean, specifically, us mimicking photos we've found of my grandmother and grandfather. There are so many photos where they are in utterly banal places (parking lots, for instance) just standing there, or in AMAZING places looking totally bored. Stephanie and I have endeavored to create new versions of them on our travels. Each grandparent had little quirks. Grandmother's was to hold her hands in a certain way. Steph has adopted that posture. Anyway...

    These last two are from the Wukoki Pueblo area near Flagstaff. THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING. Could've stayed there for ages. 

    And here's Kathy, Jessica, Steph, and Libby working cookies. 

  • Schneider National

    Schneider National

    One thing I love about making photos is meeting new people. Here is Marsha and Ellery Cummings, team drivers for Schneider National. They have a collective 25 years on the road and more than a million miles with Schneider. Read more about them here. Thanks a bunch to Sara over at Hiebing for the opportunity!

  • Monocle feature

    Monocle feature

    I keep forgetting to mention...I had the great pleasure to shoot for Monocle recently (for the April 2014 issue). I went to world renown architecture firm McAlpine Tankersley in Montgomery to photograph Greg Tankersley and Brendan Boatwright for Monocle's Master & Apprentice series.  Very exciting. Thanks a bunch to Poppy Shibamoto at Monocle for the opportunity and Barrett Austin for showing me around Montgomery (and, hey, bringing life to the photos with words).

    I added the above image to my tearsheets which reminds me of how outstandingly out of date they are. The previous tear is from at least a year ago. I may want to get on that.

  • The Greenseed in Focus Skateboarding Magazine

    The Greenseed in Focus Skateboarding Magazine

    The March / April issue of Focus Skateboarding Magazine is out and it's got a feature on Birmingham's own hip-hop crew The Greenseed. This is the first shot from the recent promo photographs we made recently. They were such a blast to work with and I'm itching to work with them again, and more than that, for their record to drop. 

    Here's a screen shot of the digital issue (but I need to get down to Faith to buy a print copy).

  • Spring is coming!

    Spring is coming!

    Spring is coming and we're getting excited about bees again. Nervous, but excited. Here's a little group of ladies from our check-in this weekend. 

    Oh, and Southern Living ran a little article on our beekeeping things. Check it out.

  • Some portraits from this month's Business Alabama

    Some portraits from this month's Business Alabama

    Made a few portraits for this month's Business Alabama.

    Above is the cover girl, Stacy Brown of Chicken Salad Chick

    Here's Mike Oatridge from the Honda plant in Lincoln, Alabama.

    And Jean Marie Thrower, who also works in the automotive industry.

    Thanks, as always, to Nedra Bloom at Business Alabama.

  • LEGO Convention preview

    LEGO Convention preview

    Birmingham hosted another BrickFair recently and Steph and I were able to go to make some 4x5 portraits on the Legotron. I haven't made the time yet to develop the sheets, but I took a few digital snaps as light tests and thought I'd post a preview of the event from some of those photos.

    I'll save more detail for when I get around to developing and scanning the film. For now, here are some photos. 

    Above is a dude named Daniel who was working on building a LEGO diarama of the convention we were currently attending. A bit of meta-genius. What's better is his name tag that reads "I'm wearing more LEGO than you."

    Below is Franklin (right) and Bill (left). They were the only two sight impaired entrants in the convention and they happened to get placed right next to each other at the same table. Weird, eh?

    And here's Mr. Red. He and his wife drove from Canada to be in this thing. Their setup was HUGE. More on that later.

    Here's one of the judges checking his list to see if he needs to grab the "nominee" plaque (made of LEGO, obviously) and / or leave a "winner" plaque.

    Here's a guy called Jordan working on his contribution to the convention. Again, more detail later when I get to the 4x5s.

  • Veterans Day 2013

    Veterans Day 2013

    I managed to get out to Veterans Day this year. I had no idea we, Birmingham, have the oldest Veterans Day parade. Crazy, eh? I wandered my way from the studio down to the offices of Big Communications (who, incidentally, handled the PR stuff for the parade this year. They really did an amazing job, too) and made some photos along the way. 

  • PJ Newton for Huffington Post

    PJ Newton for Huffington Post

    I worked on an interesting story a while back for the Huffington Post about PJ Newton and her fight to reopen her gay-friendly bar in the small town of Shannon, Mississippi. The town voted to deny her application and that has led the Southern Poverty Law Center to take up a case, with PJ, against the town and its current and former aldermen for unconstitutionally discriminating against gays. 

    The article is posted on their website (here) and it's set to come out in next week's print edition as well. Well worth a read.

    Here's another photo from the story of the man, Tom Lyles, who owns a repair shop right next door the the bar. More photos available on their site, in the iPad edition, and soon in print.