• gusdugger:

    Walt Lydick photographed at @scene.birmingham for Third Thursday at @pepperplacemarket.

    Recent Gusdugger portrait.

  • kjphotos:

    Some new work in the latest issue of Modern Farmer. Diane from Jello Mold Farm in an article about American Grown flowers.

  • lumiere-tintype:

    Going through old hard drives and found some illustrations I had made for a now decade old #reigngreen ‘zine. Now itching to break out the scalpels and cutting mat again. 🔪🤔🔪 (at Muir Woods Redwood National Park)

  • kjphotos:

    Very excited to show new work for this past Fridays New York Times. I photographed the June Mens Style Cover Story featuring young film maker Zach Both and his life on the road. We road tripped from San Francisco to Big Sur and ended up in LA where most of his work is done. He has built a website guide (The Vanual) to building a mobile van home including his own project specifics as well as on the road tips for fellow travelers. 

    nice work kyle

  • bremser:

    Roberto Polillo, Thelonious Monk and his wife Nellie, Milano, 1964

    perfect timing to see this post…i’m listening to monk right this second

  • gusdugger:

    Harvey Miller at Third Thursday at Pepper Place.

    The Millers sure are good at making new family members.

  • reminds me of Pitagora Suitchi, sorta. either way it’s great.