• Aaron Draplin - A large camera for a large man

    Aaron Draplin - A large camera for a large man

    Back in October, Design Week Birmingham put on another great multi-discipline creative design week extravaganza. The keynote was by Aaron Draplin, founder of the Draplin Design Company hailing from Portland, Oregon, who is a passionate and talented graphic designer with an infectious personality and a stout build. You may know him from Field Notes or various videos floating around the old internet (mostly of him collecting well designed old shit).

    He was in town a while working his ass off for what must have been 4 straight days—I submit it's possible he didn't sleep—and during that time I managed to steal him for a few 8x10 portraits. It seemed appropriate to photograph him with a camera fitting of his personality and penchant for thick lines

    Here's us together, apparently starting a yellow hats club.

    Photo by Shannon Harris.